Risk Assessment provides specialist expertise to the oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors and conducts high-tech risk and reliability studies of complex systems.

Clients include major oil and gas companies, petrochemical and chemical manufacturers, and financial institutions.

The philosophy of the company is to assist clients to maintain a leading edge through knowledge and understanding of risk.

Assistance is provided in 2 key steps:

1. Risk Assessment - to recognise and understand potential problems.

2. Dynamic Risk Control - to implement and manage controls which are linked to relevant information, both within the company and the operating environment.

Castleman Risk Assessment Sdn. Bhd. (CRA) offers services to the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas Operators - offshore and onshore
  • Chemical Companies
  • Transportation, road, rail, sea, pipeline and air
  • Defence
  • Government and NGO's
  • Research bodies

CRA has developed software to profile risks and provide management tools to aid decisions on risk issues. Examples of applications are:

  • operation of hazardous facilities in changing circumstances, e.g.
    • typhoon, storm or flood conditions
    • changing product range
    • staff and supplier changes
    • changes in regulatory requirements
    • maintenance or construction activity
    • changes in neighborhood occupancy

  • Operation of critical activity,, under maintenance or extension activity involving potential interruption of essential services.